Spring 2017

DC Blog 2017

I would like to congratulate all who have been installed as Commanders of the 15 squadrons in District 3.  I encourage all squadrons to communicate with each other and communicate within the individual membership of their own squadron.

With the move to communicate totally with the Internet we sometimes lose the personal communication we have had in years past and hence lose members.  Don’t forget to give a member who has not been to a meeting a call and personally invite them to a meeting or an activity. 

We have a lot of functions coming up as we ready our boats for the upcoming season.  Plan to invite others to join us for the Safe Boating week activities, Ducks Game and Rendezvous East in Greenport.  Our Boating Activities Chair has information about a summer cruise after Rendezvous East.  All along we should continue to talk to other boaters at our marinas and encourage them to take a course or one of our great seminars.  All Vessel Safety Check examiners should be checking boats both of our members and friends to make sure we have a safe boating season.

Use our compass rose to direct the lines of communication from the United States Power Squadron District 3 and keep them open to all members of our communities.  Tell everyone about the fun that I know you are having as you join your peers in USPS activities.  I thank you for all you do. 

Ann Frenz
District 3 Commander





Annual Meeting in Orlando

What a great Annual Meeting we had in Orlando. Representatives for across the country and around the world came together to learn and share new and exciting ideas. As usual, we had seminars… from “A.R.T.” a new Marketing strategy to “Working with the USCG Auxiliary” collaborating on common goals…all were interesting. There was so many seminars, I wished I was could have cloned myself.

So, what really makes these USPS® meetings so great? It’s the friends! So join in and be part of all activities that the power squadron has to offer. On a District level the Spring Conference – March 11th 2016 is just around the corner. More on that in the blog!

Come for the Education…Stay for the Friends.SM

Ann Peltier, SN

District Commander

Spring is in the Air!

Well, the snow is starting melt and hopefully, ‘spring’ is just around the corner. With the thought of warmer weather just days away, most of us start to think about preparing ourselves and our boats for the 2016 boating season.

But think, for just a moment, how important it is for today’s boaters to be educated and to be aware of proper boating procedures. Maybe, this is the year you decide to take that refresher course or proctor a class or two. Or, when down at the marina, talk to your dock friends and encourage them to take a course and brush up on the ‘Rules of the Road.’ Take the class together. What a great time you’ll have.

Remember: He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks he has nothing to learn is in great danger.    Confucius

So contact your SEO, Commander or check the District Calendar to find out how you can learn about the many educational opportunities available to you, your family and your friends in District 3.

See you at the Change of Watch.

Ann Peltier, SN  (District 3 Commander)

Happy New Year – 2016!

As 2016 begins, we see the signs of the hopes and joys, along with the new expectations, for the coming months.  At this time, I’d like to extend my sincere wishes for a wonderful and healthy year ahead.

This year has started off for many squadrons celebrating the pleasures of friendship with festive parties and dinners; plus, added educational opportunities for their members and the community.  In addition, the District 3 leadership is busy preparing for the 2016-2017 year with events and activities that all can enjoy.

I want to thank the members of District 3 for all their hard work to enrich our communities with educational opportunities and friendship.  Your dedication to the United States Power Squadrons® and to the boating public is important.  Over the year you have used your experience to build a better squadron, district and national organization…and I thank you.

I would like to thank you once again for your caring and friendship over the years and anticipate that the coming year will be even more successful and rewarding for all.



District 3 Commander

Thank You For Being Part of District 3

It has been a wonderful boating season.  Filled with days on the boat and cruises to exciting places.  Unfortunately, the season on Long Island is just too short.  Most LI boaters are doing their final farewells – cleaning, winterizing and wrapping.  But, there a few hardy boaters who don’t let cold, wind and snow stop them from getting out on the water.  Just a reminder.  No matter what the size boat…please, wear your life jacket at all times even on the dock.  With so few people out and about, your PFD just might save your life.

At this time, I want to thank all those members who work so diligently for their squadron and the district. From meetings to teaching, over 490 members helped out across Long Island in various ways.  Your squadron Commander and I are grateful for all your help.  I know it’s not much, but each year we get to say thank you in a special way…we submit your name to the national organization for a Merit Mark.  I know some of our members work hours upon hours in the completion of their passion: supporting the efforts of USPS®, and one small gold merit mark to sew on your sleeve just may not seem enough.  But believe me, your work, throughout the year, is seen as a treasure to us. Thank you to all those who stepped up and helped out.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

Thank you for being part of District 3, D/C Ann Peltier